I love homing pigeon very much and always try to collect and watch the videos. Their ability to come back home very fast from a far place always gives me pleasure. I also enjoy the fancier's great talent to select the perfect birds for race. Actually it's a nice culture to discover good bird of high speed in short race, middle race and long distance race.

It's a homing pigeon video gallery made with variety of videos which contains a good pigeon’s homing ability, fanciers’ choice and experiences, training, caring of different ages of homing pigeons, feeding, a standard loft design and more. I hope that the pigeon fanciers and lovers will love these videos a lot. These videos will be also helpful for new fanciers.


How to Race Pigeons

Feeding of Young Bird Racing Team

There are different type of styles or techniques to feed young racing bird team followed by the pigeon fanciers all around the world. Below is a practical video of a loft where we might learn a lot of thing on it.

Source: Youtube.com

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